Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Singing through countless ages

As if we needed any more reasons to loathe the voice of Christians crying out for the realization of their religious fervor (and Catholics, I mean you, too) the Christian (and Jewish, if you can believe it) reaction to xenophobically misnomered 'Ground Zero Mosque' is doing it's best to give us one.

Setting aside the question of the mosque's propriety, constitutionality, sensitivity, relevance, etc., isn't it enough for Christians to know that their detractors will burn in an everlasting holocaust of pain and despair? I can't imagine that oppressing them for the blink of time that is their earthly existence is going to have much of an effect.

But then again, I'm not this guy.


  1. I'd imagine to sing forever would be unpleasant enuff, but singeing would be far worse, non?

    Here's an idea: to be consistent, let's ban all Christian churches within two blocks of anywhere that any Christian ever has ever done anything unpleasant.

  2. It's funnier to think of where there could be churches, rather than where there couldn't be, isn't it? My guess is that the locations amount to all and only those where Christians haven't gone yet.

    Also, apropos of this post's title, I defy you to watch the first ten seconds of the following link without breaking into stitches.