Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Dumb Things Read on the Internet, Vol. 1

"I suppose it’s possible that Dear Leader’s regime may seek to consolidate political power to the point where the transcendent is eclipsed by a world-immanent polis. And, while there is always a remnant that will worship God there appears a point when the libido dominandi surges and engages in the passion of war and death. The problem is that the world-transcendent truth, which is the ordering force of the soul, has been rejected by the current world-immanent regime, the milieu, the politeia and disorder dominates as men engage in Apostrophe, the turning away from the Divine ground.

"The good news is that remnant may just be the Tea Party people."

Ah, there it is. I'd never considered the Connexion between the world-immanent and its Remnant in the inimmanent. How the world-transcendent Orders de anima homo--and how to evade the Milieu-catalyzed Apostrophe--is a Story for another Day.

It's easier to believe that a computer program chose words randomly from Hegel and composed them thusly than it is to believe that another human being sits around having thoughts like that all day long, isn't it?

If it helps at all, "Dear Leader" is a reference to President Obama. Or Rocky and Bullwinkle.

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Notice the resemblance?

See the original quotation, here.


  1. Good Lord, that came from FPR? Cripes.

    I am certain that it would be possible to create a java script that does indeed choose random Hegel phrases and arranges them into semi-coherent English syntax. We could get a patent on it!

  2. Well, it came from a comment on FPR. You know who, at it again. Can you patent what someone was born with?

  3. Lord Voldemort!

    Do we know any patent lawyers?